Children’s Characteristics in Modern Art Works

The artistic language of children’s painting
In composition and color, simplicity is the main feature of children’s paintings, because children do not understand some painting theories. Their motives for painting are simple emotional expressions, showing inner feelings, and therefore have strong subjective randomness.

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In the use of color, abstract painting canvas generally does not care about the harmony of colors but use untreated original tones to present bright and beautiful effects.

The naive styling, composition and rhythmic color combination in children’s paintings form a romantic and pure child painting world, reflecting its pure inner feelings.
Commonalities between Masters of Modern Art and Children’s Painting
Modern Abstract Wall Art gradually get rid of some theoretical constraints, and at the same time begin to abandon the secular constraints, to find a more free and unrestrained emotional catharsis. Their works, like children’s paintings, yearn for free and unrestrained expression, have a fantastic imagination, ignore some techniques, and “highly generalize, freely graffiti” some images.

Children’s Characteristics in Modern Art Works
Based on Symbolization of Objects and Images
Object-image schematization is a typical feature of children’s painting, which is exactly the basis of symbolization.

Exaggerated performance
Another important feature of children’s painting is an exaggeration. Art masters intentionally absorb this feature of children’s painting, to achieve a special effect and exaggerate the part they value infinitely.

Render in a flattened way
Children’s spatial perception has not yet been completely formed. Therefore, most of their paintings are flat works. To better express their inner feelings, artists begin to break away from some restrictions of education and stereotypes, deliberately abandon perspective, and simply express things through planar intuitive emotions. eventually formed a more pure language complanation.

Pursue pure color perception
Children’s understanding of color is very intuitive and simple. The use of color in the painting is an instinctive expression with one-sidedness and subjectivity. This instinct does not take into account the actual color of the object, immersed in the color game so that the picture produces a strong color contrast.
It can be said that the masters of modern art like to learn to observe the world from the perspective of children when they create, we can use extraordinary imagination, not only focus on the object itself, but also creatively “see” more.

Is oil painting easy to learn?

Is Large Abstract Paintings easy to learn?


First of all: Extra Large Abstract Painting is the most basic and fundamental need of artistic skills, that is, sketch and color, which is also the basis of all kinds of Black and White Abstract Canvas Art, oil painting is on this basis plus oil painting techniques and completed. So the most important thing to do well in oil painting is to improve the ability of sketch and color.

Self-study is a difficult thing, especially for self-study art, because art is more subtle, need to gradually improve awareness and skills, if no one leads, it is easy to take a detour. So I think it’s better to find a good teacher to guide you in.

It’s better to start with basic sketch and colorology, because it’s orthodox western painting, so it’s better to learn sketch and color systematically.

If conditions permit, I suggest that we use our spare time to find a nearby studio, because there are more professional teachers, there are enough model resources, and some students can come with you. You’d better finish the basic sketch and color training here, have a basic understanding of the art rules and have a certain aesthetic, and then self-study and improve, that is, an introductory learning. Of course, there are many roads, but I think it’s a better one.

Secondly, we should look at some famous painters’albums or the actual big pictures of the original Black and White Abstract Painting, and see more of these works, from the overall composition to the details to be carefully savored. It will be very helpful. These pictures can be found on some foreign art works websites or art painting galleries.

Third, here are some personal experiences and advice:

Art seems to be a more perceptual thing. In fact, the foundation of supporting it is rational and scientific understanding. We should think more about rational analysis of problems and not get caught up in feelings. That is to say, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge.

Think more and ask more questions. When you have the opportunity, ask the higher education and read more good books.

Drawing more, practicing more and sketching more is actually the most important thing. Without the accumulation of quantity, there is no qualitative leap at all. For improving painting skills, copying works is a shortcut, of course, a high standard of copying.

It’s better to wait until you have a certain foundation before painting. You can start practicing with more water powder and watercolor, because oil painting materials are more expensive.

Last but not least, the road to learning art is bumpy, and beginners need to refuel.

Charm of Oil Painting Decorating Home Decoration

Oil painting is a great art treasure in the traditional sense. If Large Abstract Wall Decor is integrated into modern furniture, it will give it another meaning. Home decoration oil painting is different from traditional Modern Canvas Art. It pays more attention to decorative effect. Both of them are hand-made. The former has a huge appreciation space with the passage of time, while the latter gains as much profit as possible through the commercialized model. In order to let more people understand the charm of modern decorative oil painting, the three primary color wall painting studio provides a group of works from this studio, which brings you the most intuitive feeling.


Art is the crystallization of invisible wisdom and has infinite connotative charm. Like a good Extra Large Black and White Canvas Art, it can not only bring a good visual and sensory enjoyment, but also inspire people in the aftertaste. Especially nowadays, European style furniture is popular. How to make the indoor atmosphere more appropriate and add agility to the living room? Industry insiders pointed out that a simple batch of hanging paintings can be the scene, but it is suggested that hand-painted paintings should be purchased, with extraordinary strength and unique expressive power, which are obvious.

Among the specific matching suggestions, Liu Jianzhong, a veteran oil painter who has traveled for many years and held many exhibitions in Turkey, revealed that first, oil painting should be coordinated with his own decoration style. Simple living room with Big Modern Canvas Art will make the room full of vitality, can choose no frame oil painting. Nowadays, European style of household tends to be classical and realistic. At the same time, delicate owners can hang thematic and narrative oil paintings of the fusion of characters and scenery, which makes the room more interesting. Second, the color and interior wall furniture display should echo, so as not to appear isolated. If it is deep and stable furniture style, we should choose the simple and elegant oil painting coordinated with it; if it is bright and simple furniture and decoration, it is best to choose lively, warm, avant-garde, Abstract class. At the same time, some scenic oil paintings can be hung in the corridors, stairs and lobbies of the interior to embellish and improve the color. 3. Choose hand-painted oil paintings as far as possible. There are imitation oil paintings with printing and filling in the market, which will oxidize and discolor over a long period of time. Generally, it can be distinguished from the brush strokes of the picture: the picture of hand-painted oil painting has a distinct concave and convex feeling, while the picture of printing is smooth, only partially filled with Large Handmade Abstract Art pigments. At the same time, oil painting collection as a new direction of art investment, collection of original, original manual oil painting can not only decorate the home environment, improve the family cultural taste, but also preserve and appreciate.