Children’s Characteristics in Modern Art Works

The artistic language of children’s painting
In composition and color, simplicity is the main feature of children’s paintings, because children do not understand some painting theories. Their motives for painting are simple emotional expressions, showing inner feelings, and therefore have strong subjective randomness.

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In the use of color, abstract painting canvas generally does not care about the harmony of colors but use untreated original tones to present bright and beautiful effects.

The naive styling, composition and rhythmic color combination in children’s paintings form a romantic and pure child painting world, reflecting its pure inner feelings.
Commonalities between Masters of Modern Art and Children’s Painting
Modern Abstract Wall Art gradually get rid of some theoretical constraints, and at the same time begin to abandon the secular constraints, to find a more free and unrestrained emotional catharsis. Their works, like children’s paintings, yearn for free and unrestrained expression, have a fantastic imagination, ignore some techniques, and “highly generalize, freely graffiti” some images.

Children’s Characteristics in Modern Art Works
Based on Symbolization of Objects and Images
Object-image schematization is a typical feature of children’s painting, which is exactly the basis of symbolization.

Exaggerated performance
Another important feature of children’s painting is an exaggeration. Art masters intentionally absorb this feature of children’s painting, to achieve a special effect and exaggerate the part they value infinitely.

Render in a flattened way
Children’s spatial perception has not yet been completely formed. Therefore, most of their paintings are flat works. To better express their inner feelings, artists begin to break away from some restrictions of education and stereotypes, deliberately abandon perspective, and simply express things through planar intuitive emotions. eventually formed a more pure language complanation.

Pursue pure color perception
Children’s understanding of color is very intuitive and simple. The use of color in the painting is an instinctive expression with one-sidedness and subjectivity. This instinct does not take into account the actual color of the object, immersed in the color game so that the picture produces a strong color contrast.
It can be said that the masters of modern art like to learn to observe the world from the perspective of children when they create, we can use extraordinary imagination, not only focus on the object itself, but also creatively “see” more.

Stunning a wall, and art cohabitation by large abstract painting canvas

abstract flower oil painting

Stunning a wall, and art cohabitation by large abstract painting canvas
In a profound mountain, it lives a group of literary and artistic style of small animals. There are lovers of piano, singing, dancing, and painting. The tiger’s hobby is abstract painting. This day, the tiger outside painted a landscape art painting, the painting that is about to be completed, which has attracted a variety of small animals to watch.
At this time, the little monkey murmured: “This is a beautiful picture, if only I could draw one like this. ” “If you like this Large Modern Canvas Art, I’ll give it to you when I’ve finished it in a moment. “The little monkey who heard the tiger’s words, hopped happily and was very happy in his heart.

abstract flower oil painting
abstract flower oil painting

In the evening, the tiger completed the large abstract canvas of the mountains and waters. He went to the house of the little monkey with the finished painting. When the tiger arrived at the monkey’s house, the monkey’s mother was preparing dinner. Seeing that the tiger seemed to be holding something similar, she asked. After learning the cause of the matter, she said sheepishly, “I’m really sorry. ” My little monkey gives you trouble again, this painting, how dare we accept it, this large abstract painting canvas is the result of your efforts. ”
The tiger replied: “Painting is a personal hobby since some people like my abstract oil painting, my heart is naturally very happy. ” Besides, it is a good idea to give oil painting to people who love painting. “When she heard the tiger’s answer, the mother of the monkey sheepishly accepted the painting, and placed it on the display cabinet. She felt that there was more color in the room. Like there is a good saying, “stunning a wall, and art cohabitation” is not this moment?
Afterwards, the monkey’s mother fervently left the little tiger for dinner, and everyone talked and laughed. During that time, the mother of the monkey also consulted the tiger about extra large abstract paintings. The little tigers answered them all. And the tiger also told them that the painting of the technique for “virtual reality born together”, thus achieving the ink landscape.
Then the tiger returned home. Similarly, the little tiger who loves painting makes an unformed painting outside. Hearing the news that the tiger presented paintings yesterday, everyone came to ask for the large abstract canvas. To make the tiger feel embarrassed to get up. It did not think that so many people love his work, his heart secretly determined to make more different and special abstract oil painting. The tiger mother was also relieved that her son was getting better and better.
And it also taught him that the art of introspection was of high taste. And the quality of life depends on the good attachment.