what’s abstract art

Abstract canvas art does not have a clearer stylistic definition than the various artistic currents of the 20th century but rather emphasizes a form of painting as opposed to figurative art, and a reflection on the spirituality of painting. The exhibition’s title is simply “Abstraction”, which perhaps sums up the multifaceted core of abstract art, which has come to this day and into the future with the participation and expansion of each artist.

In fact, abstract wall art doesn’t completely refuse to paint nature, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they “don’t copy the nature”. The subject matter of the painting can of course be related to nature, but the artist needs to “lead the painting” with his or her own spirit so that the viewer perceives more than what is seen. It’s like the water lily in a Monet painting – you can’t see the very figurative flower, but you seem to feel that natural scene that the artist faced when he painted it.

It’s true that large abstract canvas art is less acceptable to some people, and monochrome paintings, for example, may not strike as directly. My understanding of this is that, in one way, this is the limitation of the medium of painting, but in another way, it is interesting to eliminate the sense of reality and to refuse to “record” nature, is it not?