How to Established Up Your Space with abstract painting canvas

We all can’t write your story for you, but we can offer a few cheap large abstract paintings for making your writing space as conducive to free-flowing creative expression as possible. And even if you have zero plans to take on the (admittedly bonkers-sounding) goal of writing a story in per month, let these ideas for setting upward your writing space and gathering with fellow writers fuel your personal writing goals, whatever those may be.

Find your writing spot. Space to write can feel like a luxury, but you do not necessarily need an entire room to dedicate to your craft.

Use what you have, whether that means taking over the step landing or carving out there a nook of your own in the family room or kitchen. The important thing that the writing room works for you.
An appropriate chair, strong desk, and good lighting are essential. An enjoyable view, a soft rug underfoot and a green plant to clean the air are welcome additions. A company deadline makes the ideal of writing less dreamy, and much more concrete and attainable.

Even better, posting your goal (and deadline) with others, whether through NaNoWriMo or with a group of friends by yourself, gives you accountability and makes reaching your goal much more likely to happen.

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Find a fantastic hour. Photographers talk about getting the golden hour, that magical time just after dawn or before sunset when everything seems bathed in a soft glow. Being a writer, it helps to know when you are at your sharpest and most creative, and plan your writing time accordingly.

For example, if you tend to feel sharpest after your first cup of coffee in the early morning, schedule your writing time for then. And consider how distractions play into your ability to give attention to your writing. If you need tranquility, try getting up before everyone else to write. If you flourish amid the bustle of everyday life, try writing on a lunch split at your desk or in the evening at home.

Host (or attend) a write-in. If you need extra motivation towards your story flowing, consider hosting or attending a write-in. Unlike a writing team, where writers get together to read one another’s work and provide feedback. Just about all that’s needed for a successful write-in is an abundance of coffee, a lot of surface space for laptops, and several willing writers. Find a community write-in on the website, or gather a few writer friends and host your own informal meetup.

Celebrate your earn. Whether or not you make it to 50, 000 words this Nov, make time to indulge in what you have accomplished. Even getting partway towards writing a book is something worthy of a celebration!

How to distinguish the quality of acrylic pigments in oil paints?

The pigments used in the canvas painting are actually pure propylene pigments. Acrylic pigments belong to synthetic polymeric pigments. They were invented in the 1950s and were made of pigment powder mixed with acrylic latex. Acrylic latex is also called acrylic resin polymer latex. There are many kinds of acrylic resin, such as methacrylic resin, so there are many kinds of acrylic pigments. Foreign pigments manufacturers have produced propylene series products, such as Matt propylene pigments, semi-matt propylene pigments, and glossy propylene pigments, propylene matte oil, polishing oil, plastic ointment and so on.

Propylene pigments are more elastic than other pigments. After the poor quality acrylic paint is painted, a hair-like crack will appear in the picture about a month after placing it, but the high-quality acrylic paint will not appear in the above situation. High-quality acrylic pigments are elastic, gelatinous, and elastic when they are buttoned by hand. Poor quality acrylic pigments will fall off in bulk or flour when they are buttoned by hand, which is called “powdering phenomenon”.

The color retention of propylene pigments is much better than that of poor quality propylene pigments. You can put the finished paints of different quality propylene pigments under the sunshine. After a long time, the poor quality propylene pigments will fade.

Propylene pigments have strong covering power and high-quality propylene pigments have strong covering power, while poor quality propylene pigments often have poor covering power.

Compared with the price of propylene pigments, the price of high-quality propylene in the market is somewhat higher than that of 300 ml/12-15 yuan. There is no sale in the poor quality propylene market. The price of water powder is between 100 ML/1.3-1.5 yuan. Therefore, customers and consumers should not only compare with price but also compare with quality and price comprehensively. It is reasonable.

After the olfaction of acrylic paint and the opening of the acrylic pigment cover, smell whether the acrylic pigment has pungent smell or odor. The quality of acrylic paint is flavor without adding pungent flavor, but it has faint fragrance.

Specific durability of propylene pigments. How to judge whether the propylene used in the digital oil painting you purchased is real propylene paint or water powder? The method is simple. A boyfriend can take off the filter of smoking, dip a little water and wipe the picture. High-quality propylene will not fade. poor quality propylene only needs to be wiped gently, it will appear. Color.

Propylene pigments glossiness, the true meaning of propylene pigments do not need to use brighteners, propylene itself with gloss, under what conditions will be used brighteners? After the oil painting has been put for a long time, using brightener to wipe the picture can make the picture back to its original effect. Or in the process of drawing oil paints with oil paints, adding some brighteners in oil paints can make the paints bright. Because propylene is a water-soluble pigment, it can only dissolve in water. The brightener is an oil product, which is not compatible with propylene pigments.

Observe and see if the acrylic pigments are stratified. The so-called stratification refers to the thick sediment at the bottom of the container, and the upper part of the container is a very thin liquid. This kind of acrylic pigments belong to deteriorated acrylic pigments can not be used. High-quality propylene pigments will not be placed for two years.

Properties of propylene pigments:
Quick-drying. Pigments can be dried in a few minutes after brushing, without having to wait several months to finish like oil paintings. Painters who like slow-drying pigments can use retardants to delay the drying time of pigments.

When the dye layer dries, it quickly loses its solubility and forms a tough, elastic impermeable film. The film is similar to rubber.

The color is full, thick and fresh. No matter how it is harmonized, it will not feel dirty or grey. There will never be oil absorption and fouling in the shading layer.

The durability of the works is longer. Oil film in oil painting is easy to oxidize over a long period of time, yellowing and hardening easily make the picture crack. In theory, propylene film will never embrittle or turn yellow.

The biggest difference between acrylic pigments and oil paints is that they have the operation characteristics of general water-based pigments, which can be used as watercolor and water powder.

Propylene plastic ointment contains granular type and has coarse and fine particles, which provides convenience for making the texture.

Propylene pigments are slightly toxic but do not cause harm to the human body. Just be careful not to eat by mistake.