Blue And White Extra Large Wall Art Tones Create A Romantic Mediterranean Style

Living room
The living room decorated with blue and white colors is perfect for showing the Mediterranean style of the sea, as if you are really in the blue coast and white beach, naturally comfortable. The design of continuous arches creates a romantic style of the Mediterranean Sea  .The design of low-rise home shows the openness and leisure of space.

Blue and white simple and decorated with lines of the restaurant, elegant and natural sea wind, the table with flowers with a bit of romance.

The blue and white color household layout of the home and the design of the arches create a clear and natural romantic style, Textured Canvas Art clear and flawless, interpreting people’s endless desire for blue sky and white clouds.The walls are covered with green plant-like wallpapers and pasted with pastoral air. The splashed curtains and bedding look natural and comfortable.

The revolving white escalator is simple and elegant, and the historical iron art design adds some mysterious color to the whole.

The living room is decorated with simple blue and white lines, accompanied by small green plants and potted plants. It looks clear and natural.Mediterranean style decoration is so charming,as if you can feel the salty smell of the sea breeze, the mood will wave.

Extra Large Wall Art With White Elements to Render Elegant Home

1. The living room is the first stop to go home. Open the door and enter the white world. The smooth floor reflects the shadow of the white wall,
and the furniture is mainly white, allowing you to enter the White encirclement. White living room with extra large wall art , several different styles of cushions injected
with red purple and Textured Canvas Art, color contrast is very clear.Sketch painting of the decorations let the living room more artistic atmosphere.

2. The environment in which we eat can affect our mood and even the taste of food. In the White romantic atmosphere, the ornaments will have some
sweet taste.

3. White tables and chairs, black and white seat covers, black and white painting drapes, black and white collocation to create a black and white world,
space color contrast is full.

4. The bedroom is the place where we can rest after a busy day. The white space gives us a quiet and comfortable environment, so that our bodies and
minds can fully return to welcome the new day in a good posture. The quilts, pillows and sheets are all white, and it’s like entering a dreamland
where the body and mind melt.

Four Requirements of Interior Design Extra Large Wall Art

1. Interior design should conform to the regional characteristics

Because people live in different regions and geographical and climatic conditions, their living habits and cultural traditions are different,there are indeed great differences in architectural styles.The Extra Large Wall Art interior decoration design is also different. The design should have different styles and characteristics.

2. Interior decoration design should meet the functional requirements

Interior design is aimed at creating a good indoor space environment. It puts the requirements for satisfying people’s indoor living, work, and rest in the first place. So in interior design should fully consider the use of functional requirements, so that the indoor environment is reasonable, comfortable, scientific.We should take into account the laws of people’s activities to deal with space relations, space dimensions, space ratio; Rational arrangement of furnishings and furniture, properly resolve indoor ventilation, lighting and lighting, we should pay attention to the overall effect of indoor tone.

3. Interior decoration design should meet the requirements of modern technology.

There is a close relationship between the innovation of architectural space and the innovation of structural modeling. The two should be coordinated and unified, fully consider the image of China and the United States in structural modeling, and integrate art and technology. This requires interior designers to possess the necessary structural type knowledge, and to be familiar with and master the performance and characteristics of the structure system. Modern interior decoration design, it is placed in the category of modern science and technology, to make interior design better to meet the spirit
The requirement of function must make full use of the latest achievements of modern science and technology.

4. Interior decoration design should meet the requirements of spiritual function

While considering the use of functional requirements, interior design must also consider the requirements of mental functions(visual reflection of psychological feelings, artistic infections, etc.). The spirit of interior design is to influence people’s emotions, and even affect people’s will and actions. Therefore, it is necessary to study the characteristics and laws of the owner of the house to reflect the owner’s preferences and tastes.